Patient Empowered Research Movement

Patient empowered research movement

We are a whole-of-patient movement, with a patient, scientific and clinical ‘commons’, translating data and insights into research, protocols and clinical outcomes.  

PANDIS is focused on patient outcomes and has taken a new approach to investigate cause and correlation in chronic disease.

Our model provides a comprehensive framework for patient groups to self-organise around a shared problem, compressing time and reducing costs for patients to understand critical factors in disease causation and progression to access effective treatments. 

PANDIS aims to help answer the big questions such as ‘what provides an environment for disease to flourish in humans?’; ‘how did I become unwell and ‘why is the disease cascading into stages?’

We are a pathway to social change. PANDIS ticks all the boxes – ethically, morally and from a future-fit perspective.

Social change

PANDIS is more than an environmental scientific research model, it is also a platform for social change – using science and patient data to shift mindset and viewpoints on chronic disease causation, correlation and clusters and helping to recognise a deeper part of the patient that has become visible through data. 

PANDIS takes into account the patient’s unique set of experiences as critical data points to influence policy, protocols and clinical application.

Central to outcomes is our engine – the open minds and collective will of our disease working groups – scientists, clinicians and patients, to collaborate within an open-science, personalised medicine model within their disease working group.

PANDIS empowers patients and harnesses evidence to inform best practices and gold standard approaches in chronic diseases in real time – delivering a patient-first and a patient-now outcome. 

By advancing our collective understanding of chronic disease causation, correlation and environmental clusters in comprehensive ways, we will compress time for patients to effect policy changes and access effective treatments and help to make our built and natural environments safe from pathogenic microbial harm.

If you are a patient or are advocating on behalf of a patient or are interested to fund a study, collaborate with PANDIS to establish a working group and patient cohort in any disease category.

If you are a patient or want to support a patient, to help achieve our mission please email

Research projects

PANDIS has developed priority-led research projects investigating pathibiome research and raises funds to support research projects.

We are seeking research collaborators with an interest in microbes as causative agents in chronic diseases to establish priority research projects.

If you have a research project seeking funding, please review the selection criteria below before submitting your grant application to

Please contact to arrange a time to discuss with our Scientific Director Dr Ivan Hooper.

Research Selection Criteria

If your research project meets the purpose and mission of PANDIS and covers any of the below areas, please submit your hypothesis or research outline.

PANDIS works collaboratively with patients, clinicians, partners and a team of cross and multi-disciplinary researchers across relevant disease groups. Our focus areas are to find causation and correlating factors in:

  • Intervention of disease progression
  • Immune regulation/optimisation
  • Infection control and eradication
  • Inflammation resolution
  • Epigentics
  • endocrine
  • Vascular
  • Organ specific diseases eg: heart, liver, brain
  • Brain/biome axis
  • Nutrition and deficiencies
  • Pathobiome environmental disruptors

Research Library

A pathobiome research library is being developed by disease working groups, providing researchers, clinicians and patients with evidence-based resources.

Download one of our Research Library resources to learn more about PANDIS topics.

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If you are a patient or want to support a patient, to help achieve our mission please email