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Newsletter #1 – PANDIS

Newsletter #1 - PANDIS

Welcome to the 1st newsletter from PANDIS.

PANDIS consists of a dedicated group of Tier 1 researchers and clinicians with collaboration from renowned medical personnel from 5 countries and a support team made up of volunteers, often from the patient community, dedicated to the advancement of PANDIS. What started off as a project to look at the causation and treatment of tick-borne diseases, has now grown into research to identify and develop a deeper understanding of the causative agents in chronic disease in Australia and to provide patients with personalised treatment options.

These monthly newsletters will keep readers up to date with:

  1. PANDIS research progress.
  2. Updates from the Disease Working Groups
  3. Any ancillary news of events, Patrons, Ambassadors, Partnerships and other items of interest.
  4. A patient story.
  5. Links to relevant research reports or blogs.

Australia is beset by unsolved chronic diseases which are severely impacting on the quality of life for a growing cohort of the Australian population.

Research here and overseas is pointing to environmental factors such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, moulds and environmental toxins, as playing a causative or contributing role in these debilitating diseases. It is our duty to investigate and build a whole picture of the patient and body of research. PANDIS will identify these factors in patients’ tissues and will work with patients in a clinical space to radically improve their quality of life.

This is a very exciting model for long suffering patients and our monthly newsletter will rekindle your belief in some resolution to your health condition and keep you abreast of all developments.

We warmly welcome you to PANDIS and our wonderful team.

Yours sincerely
Chris Cole, Chair.

Christopher Cole Profile Picture

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