Fundraising and Events

 Together we will find causative agents in chronic disease and begin a new era of patient empowerment and liberation.

Fundraising and Events

Our research findings are meaningful and powerful to effect change in real-time.

Thank you for helping to raise vital funds for PANDIS. Together, with your support, we will find causative agents in chronic disease and begin a new era of patient empowerment and liberation.

Your efforts will go directly towards funding patient cohorts to look at patients through the scientific lense of pathogenic environmental diseases. This includes paediatric studies, aboriginal cohorts and disease streams for adults. We also fund priority-led pathobiome research projects.

Together with our incredible working group volunteers and your community spirit, people living with a chronic disease will be able to apply to qualify and if they meet selection criteria, can participate in one of our patient cohorts. Even if patients do not qualify, they will still benefit from cohort findings.

Why fundraise for us?

“With powerful new technologies, it’s no longer like looking for a needle in a haystack. If there is a microbe, if it’s in our patient samples, we will find its RNA fragment and any new undiscovered microbe species as well.”  – Professor Gilles Guillemin

11 million Australians are currently living with a chronic disease. This is an unacceptably high number.

Up until recently, investigating causative agents was like looking for a ‘needle in a haystack’ and deemed too costly and broad to achieve a realistic outcome. However new technologies have emerged over the past five years and radically changed this paradigm.

We can now screen patients for pathogenic microbial causative agents that went previously undetected, and can produce highly detailed findings including new microbial discoveries. Our findings will inform biomarker development, effective treatments and direct funding for research projects.

The PANDIS model was created to address an unmet need in identification of causative agents in chronic disease, and to provide patients with personalised treatment options.

Community Events

It’s tough to fundraise when you have a chronic disease and sometimes even harder to ask others for help. All power to those patients who can self-organise to manage a community fundraising event, you are truly, spectacularly awesome!

For the rest of the patients, we understand you are too unwell or busy to fundraise. Asking friends, family and colleagues for support may even seem like a challenge. If you fit into this category, we want you to know that part of what we value with PANDIS is being unapologetic, we know you are worth supporting and that your disease is worthy of recognition.

It’s not about you alone, it’s about us, together, and the more each of us do, the more recognition and awareness, as well as funds we can raise to achieve our mission. Our collective community fundraising efforts help makes us more visible and our voice louder.  

We have made it super easy to get involved and fundraise and have developed a fundraising model providing multiple choices on how to give funds, from easy peasy, set and forget options to active fundraising, enabling those closest to you to show their support without barely lifting a finger.

PANDIS Community Fundraising Kit

Organising a community fundraising event is easy to get started if you use our free PANDIS Community Fundraising Kit.

My Charity Change

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My Charity Change has made a point of only partnering with the most reputable, transparent, sustainable and effective organisations within the Australian charitable sector.   PANDIS has been selected as a Charity of choice and worthy of your support.  Learn more at My Charity Change.

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Let’s get to it!

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    1. I’m too sick to fundraise easy-peasy pack.

    To support sick patients, we have developed the ‘I’m too sick to fundraise easy peasy pack’! We have taken to task the biggest barrier in raising funds, and turned it into the biggest way for us together, as one united force, to raise funds that will go directly to PANDIS.

    All you need to do is use our social media tiles and ask your friends on socials to download the My Charity Change app and round up their change. That’s it. Job done.

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    2. I want to organise a community event.

    We are always delighted and honoured to see the creative and fun ways our community organise their community fundraising events. It can be big or small and anything in between; every dollar will help to fund our strategic pillars and find causative agents or correlating factors in chronic disease, to match effective treatment to patients.

    Organising a community fundraising event is easy to get started by downloading our community fundraising pack and you will be on your way to organising a great event!

    You can specify a disease group to direct your funds by nominating your preferred disease group on the community fundraising form available in the pack.

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    3. I can provide a major donation or organise a funding circle

    Many of our supporters will know someone dear and close to them with a chronic disease. We have a major donor program and funding circles that fund patient cohorts and priority-led research projects in a specified disease group.

    Please contact to learn more about our pathobiome research projects and how to get started with a major gifts or funding circle program.

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    4. Regular giving

    No fuss - round up your small change!
    We have partnered with MyCharity Change to enable regular giving through donations. You can set the amount you wish to donate each month and we round up your change when purchasing products such as food, drinks and consumer goods. Download the app on google or apple stores and get started today.

    Monthy giving - with love from your bank account to ours!
    Arrange a regular amount for funds to be directly withdrawn from your bank account each month.

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