Fostering a culture of collaboration to realise our mission

We Collaborate

We foster a culture of collaboration with partner organisations; pooling funds and resources to realise our shared mission.

Our role is to assemble complexity, and break down siloes, utilising collaborative design processes for an emergence of scientific discovery.

We share our assets with disease working groups such as fundraising plans. protocols, ethics and patient recruitment strategies, compliance and risk framework and materials.

We also design research strategies and manage grant-giving research projects on behalf of organisations with a shared mission.

Who do we collaborate with?

We are an independent organisation and work with patient organisations, health and medical research not for profit organisations, hospitals, funding partners, biotech companies and disease working groups – comprising patients, clinicians, researchers, subject matter experts and funders.

Collaboration is central to results. A mono approach to disease management is making way for cross and multi-disciplinary team discovery, where researchers, clinicians and patients work collaboratively as equal parts of the system, sharing knowledge in real time and co-designing studies to make data meaningful and relevant in clinical application.

PANDIS aims to significantly reduce the number of ‘long hauler’ chronic disease patients in Australia by investigating the role of environmental disruptors in chronic disease.


Our major funder

The Geoff and Helen Handbury Foundation are proud supporters of the PANDIS model and Professor Gilles Guillemin’s visionary, scientific work and have generously provided ongoing funds over a 3-year period to establish the scientific teams, protocols and data processes in preparation for the patient cohorts and research projects. 

Proudly supported by:

PANDIS is supported by The Australian Patients Association, an independent not-for-profit organisation established to promote and protect the rights and interests of patients, and improve overall patient outcomes.

They believe that an effective patient support group representing the rights and interests of patients can have a positive influence on the development of national healthcare policy and reform, ultimately, resulting in improved patient care and health outcomes.

Membership to the APA is free:

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Data & Apps

PANDIS has a number of data apps in development linking pathogenic microbial environmental data in built and natural environments overlaid with patient data, investigating correlating factors and clusters in chronic disease.

Our first data project is mapping vector bites, focused on tick bites across Australia, using geolocator mapping technologies and scientific data sets for translational research. Findings will also help to inform health policy and protocols.  

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