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Biotoxin-CIRS mould

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Group Chair | Biotoxin CIRS Working Group

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Scientific Advisor | Biotoxin CIRS Working Group

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Dr Tim Law is a building surveying lecturer with the College of Engineering & Science at Victoria University.

He is an architectural scientist who studies how to make buildings perform and why they fail.

Tim has a special interest in Environmental health and establishing how building construction affects the microbiology such as mould, microbes and bacteria, particularly in water damaged buildings and the resulting impact on physical and mental health and wellbeing. This includes Biotoxin Illness (also referred to as CIRS – Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).

His expertise includes:

  • Condensation
  • Hygrothermal analysis
  • Building physics
  • Building microbiology
  • Indoor air quality
  • Environmental health
  • Water-damaged buildings
  • Mould


Scientific Advisor | Biotoxin CIRS Working Group

Dr Cameron Jones Profile Image - PANDIS

Dr Cameron Jones is a microbiologist/mycologist and former University academic who specialises in the study of indoor air quality problems caused by mould and water damage in the built environment.

As a microbiologist, he is passionate about healthy buildings and environmental health and continues to investigate the scientific relationship between people and how the microbiome of the built environment is emerging as a vitally important determinant of physical wellbeing and mental health.

Cameron has a popular weekly Facebook Live series of videos exploring the current research and many facets of mould, microbes, viruses and their interplay with health including CIRS – Biotoxin Illness and the linked association with other neurological and autoimmune diseases, as well as the latest on Covid-19.

Dr Jones has a PhD from Swinburne University of Technology and has published over 80 peer reviewed papers and conference proceedings and over 2500+ technical reports on air quality and microbial pathogens in the built environment.  He has undertaken Post graduate research in the Centre for Mathematical Modelling as a Chancellery Research Fellow extended his use of data processing in biological systems. After leaving Swinburne, he set up Biological Health Services which is an independent laboratory and environmental health consultancy that provides indoor air quality and mould inspections and assessments.

He consults widely to the media, residential and commercial real estate and insurance sectors in all aspects of microbial pathogens and building biology.

Published research at:

Consultancy at:

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Editorial Board Positions 

  • Environmental Health Engineering and Management Journal 
  • The International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  • Open Health
  • Journal of Human Virology & Retrovirology

Academic Faculty Positions

  • Adjunct Research Fellow, National Institute of Integrative Medicine

Academic Qualifications

  • BSc – major in microbiology (LaTrobe University)
  • Grad.Dip.App.Sci – Industrial Microbiology (Swinburne University of Technology)
  • PhD – School of Chemical Sciences (Swinburne University of Technology)
  • Certificate III in Investigative Services (Australian Institute of Public Safety)
  • Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management (Australian Institute of Public Safety)
  • Diploma of Security and Risk Management (Australian Institute of Public Safety)
  • Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) (The NSW Real Estate Training College)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (CBD College)
  • Victorian Agent’s Representative Course (Australian College of Professionals)
  • Quarantine Awareness and Quarantine Approved Premises for Accredited Persons (Classes 2 to 9) (Australian Government – Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry/Biosecurity). Accreditation Number: A13859 and 2579
  • Meth Lab Cleanup & Testing Course (Jena Dyco International)
  • American Bio-Recovery Association Crime and Trauma Cleanup Course (Jena Dyco International)
  • Fungal Spore Identification (Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories, Canada).