‘Environmental health and medical research platform, investigating pathogenic microbes in chronic disease and cancer’

PAN – Greek meaning ALL 

DIS – representing DISEASE

Our Strategic Pillars


Open Science

We’ve broken up with traditional diagnostic bands, PCR’s and siloed disease management which is a model limited to what is already known, to a whole-of-patient diagnosis – known and unknowns.

When patients, scientists and researchers share knowledge in trusted collaborations, it can improve outcomes for patients and change how society views chronic disease. Changes in mind-set correlate to changing the status quo in health and medical research. A practical way to effect change is through a focused, collaborative effort to harness evidence, data and knowledge for a shared purpose. Central to outcomes is our engine – the open minds and collective will of our working groups – scientists, clinicians, patients and partners, to collaborate together within an open-science, personalised medicine model within their disease working group.

Our Impact

Latest News

Anthony Field Ambassador

We are delighted to announce Anthony Field has been made an ambassador of PANDIS. Affectionately known as the “blue” Wiggle, Anthony has written a book ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back: A Memoir of Healing’ his inspiring, behind–the–scenes story of how he overcame depression, life-threatening illness, and chronic pain to get his life back.

Anthony Field & Professor Gilles Guillemin Wiggle Profile Image
Professor Gilles J Guillemin Profile Picture


PANDIS began as a personalised medicine model in response to a 2018 NHMRC Targeted Call for Research into tick-borne disease as a result of the Senate inquiry into tick borne diseases - Debilitating Symptoms Complex Attributed to Ticks (DSCATT) developed by microbiologist, virologist and neuroscientist Professor Gilles Guillemin ONM (France), FRSN, Macquarie University with collaborators comprising patients and clinicians. The core team was:

Founder and Lead Scientist


Lead clinicians

Our Mission

To keep people safe from pathogenic environmental harm in natural and built environments and ecologies.

Our Vision

By 2030, chronic diseases of known and unknown microbial causation are no longer a burden to society and through evidence-based knowledge, clinical care, and support, patients progress back to health, productivity and vitality; and people are safe from infectious and pathogenic harm in natural and built environments.

Our Purpose

To lead a patient-centered, infectious and pathogenic environmental diseases health and medical research model to significantly reduce the burden of disease in Australia. We will advance the health and safety of the Australian public by providing research findings and data insights to inform pathogenic environmental risk strategies – policies, protocols, diagnostics, treatment guidelines, clinical pathways and safe practices for people who are exposed to pathogenic ecologies in natural and built environments.

We Value

Values Image showing multiple hands overlapping each other
Data Led Health Approach Icon

A data-led one health approach (environmental, veterinarian and human studies).

Knowledge Icon

Evidence based knowledge and methodologies.

Innovative Technologies Icon

Innovative technologies.

Authentic Icon

Unapologetic! We are authentic and fact based. We say it how it is and catalysts for change.

Focus on Science Icon

Agnostic! We are focused on the science.

Collaboration Icon

Collaborative design principles and an agile, lean-in culture.

Critical Thinking Icon

Critical thinking and adaptive, participatory inquiry

Patients Central to Outcomes Icon

Patients are central to outcomes.

Compassion Icon

Fierce compassion! We take appropriate focused action and understand the patients’ journey and inner struggles.

Complexity to Achieve Purpose Icon

Moral courage to lead through complexity to achieve our purpose.

Our Goals


Identify causative and correlating agents in patients enrolled in a PANDIS cohort.


Map vectors and microbes in Australia.

Educate and Train

Educate and train clinicians and allied health.


Develop diagnostic protocols for pathogenic, zoonotic and infectious diseases in Australia.


Find effective treatments for all disease streams enrolled in PANDIS including adult, aboriginal and paediatric cohorts.


Inform policy, protocols and prevention strategies.

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